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What Your Friends Are Saying About Us

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

We are all out, over the moon excited about what all of you have experienced at Eagle Wings Lodge over the years! Seriously, every time we read what you have said in our guest book we get all mushy and can't stop beaming over the way you enjoy this little piece of heaven the same way we dreamed you and our friends and family all around the world would from the very beginning.

Thank you doesn't cut it

Some of the sweetest, coziest, and most hilarious moments have happened here and we just want to share some recent favorites from the many groups that have built incredible memories here, some even multiple years running! If we could hug each and every one of you right now, we totally would.

"Wow what a fun place to be. I have heard about the beauty and awesomeness of this place from friends and now I know for myself." 

-Keri S

"Our third visit and every time has been beyond special. The perfect size for our big loud, extended family. A little piece of heaven. Thank you for opening up your home for others to enjoy! You are a wonderful host and always make us feel at home."

-Susan G

"We love staying here! Thank you so much for all the care you take in this place and for letting us enjoy it. It's such an incredibly refreshing space to connect with God and my fellow missionaries."

-Jessi C

"What a special place you have here in Ohio! The beauty is breath taking. We were truly blessed by being able to stay and we so moved by your generosity and kindness to us in sharing your home. Thank you for all the love you have poured into this place. May you be blessed.

-Mike L

Here's to another beautiful autumn and all the magical memories that go with it!

Have you booked your October Fall Foliage weekend yet? Get the gang together at the lodge

and snap that perfect family photo you've been wanting all year!

Click here to book.

Can't wait to see you soon!

-Your EWL Family
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